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What Are Your Wellness Plans for 2016?

We have an exciting program starting the last week in December 2015. It is a 4 month wellness journey to a better you. This personalized program includes services, health education and coaching, life coaching, supplements and herbal cleanses. Choose to make 2016 your time! Create the best version of you yet- mind, body and soul! Call Dr. Pam today and commit to your transformation. 404.347.9444.

Welcome To Our Home
Tired of one size fits all health care?
We focus on the whole person not just your symptoms.
Welcome to Midtown Atlanta Wellness Center, your partners on your wellness path. Combining holistic, alternative and traditional health therapies, we create action steps to help you achieve a lifetime of optimum health. Our staff of holistic practitioners are trained to meet your needs focusing on the "whole person".
  Our Menu of Services
Detox Foot Bath
Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)
AromaTouch Technique
Reiki training and certification
  Women's Wellness Retreats
Ear Candling therapy
Life Purpose Visioning and Planning
Holistic Wellness Assessment
Herbal cleansing and essential oils
Self Healing 90-day course

Please visit our services page for a detailed
description of each of these items.

95 Cliftwood Dr.
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Phone: (404) 347-9444